Meet Shi Curly

Shi-Curly from dream to reality.

It all started when Mrs. Shireen Abdel-Fattah began to learn and study how to take care of her own hair. she realized that the experience of taking care of this type of hair, in particular, is a commitment, a pleasure but also far from easy and expensive.

through this journey, Ms. Shireen discovered the secrets of curly hair, found scientific methods to understand hair, and also studied hair professionally.

Determined to impart this knowledge to everyone around her, Shi-curly was born.


Brand emergence

During this endless yet passionate learning journey, Ms. Shireen surrounded herself with a team that believes in her hair ideologies and practices. with strong beliefs, proven methods and a strong team shi-curly began to form its own identity.

One of the main goals was to raise awareness about the beauty of naturally curly hair.

Shi-curly’s team organized multiple campaigns to reduce the negative stereotypes spread about curly hair.

Our customers became a digital community and our continuous follow-ups with our community have allowed us to reform and reshape certain common stereotypes surrounding curly hair in the region.

The team also started offering consultations, best practices guides, and product recommendations through digital and physical means, day by day the community and clientele base of shi-curly grows.


After finalizing the official details of registering the trademark in Jordan in 2020.

Shi-curly took on new missions and goals like

  • spreading awareness about how to take care of curly hair
  • Teach how to maintain healthy hair.
  •  provide safe products with high quality
  • Provide tools needed for curly hair routines
  • spread awareness and boost the confidence of people with curly hair

The expansion of shi-curly

As part of shi-curly’s natural growth cycle, expansion had to happen due to the high number of regional and international customers the company has acquired Shi-curly opened a branch in the United Arab Emirates this branch serves not only the Gulf region but the entire world.

Shi-curly also established offices and a branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Shi-curly’s near future plans include further expansion and more branches all around the MENA region.



Contracting with Skala


After several years of experience and hard work, and because success is the result of every endeavor, we partnered up with the Brazilian company Skala to be their exclusive agent in the Middle East. We import their products and distribute them in the Middle Eastern markets, as well as sell the products through our websites to all countries of the world.

This partnership took place due to the similarity of visions and goals between us, as Skala is known for providing products of very high quality and reasonable prices. This supports and aligns with our goals to provide hair care services to everyone.


What’s next?


“We will not stop until we reach elevated achievements”

“Every day we realize how much more we can do and cause a positive impact”

Shi-Curly was launched as a brand that helps you take care of hair, but currently, it has become an information hub, providing services and consultations to the entire MENA region.

Shi-curly will continue to expand hoping to cause a positive impact and provide accessible beauty for the entire world.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Shi-curly to find out more.

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