Shicurly RE-introduces CGM

Shi Curly introduces CGM.

What is the CGM “curly hair method”?

Let us start by explaining what is curly hair!
Curly hair is distinguished by its characteristics from other forms of hair, as it is characterized by multiple coils that give it a distinctive look and feel. However, curly hair requires different care methods than what we commonly know.
Many researchers and specialists began to offer different methods for curly hair care, and perhaps the most widespread of these methods is the (Curly Girl Method), known as CGM, which was presented to us by Lorraine Massey, in her book (Curly Girl: The Handbook). Here, in this article, we will discuss the basics of the method and present to you our expert opinion and thoughts regarding the method.
CGM is a specially designed and effective way to care for naturally curly hair, and may not be suitable for other hairstyles. Following its basics does not guarantee to reach the expected result. This is what Lauren told us after the research she conducted on the characteristics and distinctive natures of curly hair in her book, which we encourage you to read (Curly Girl: The Handbook), this book has become an inspiring guide for men and women to begin the journey of caring for their hair and highlighting the natural beauty in it, by replacing commercial methods of hair care with a more natural hair care routine.
It seems as though it is not enough, as this method was published more than 20 years ago, and although many people around the world still follow it, this does not mean that it is completely correct.
That is why we at (Shi-Curly) began to work on developing this method since we needed a new modernized method that works with the nature of curly hair in the Middle East.
Curly hair may also differ between members of the same family, so it is difficult to standardize one routine. this is why shicurly offers consultations and curated hair routines depending on many factors pre-determined by international experts and also our internal accredited experts.
before and after
before and after

Even though every hair is different and unique our experts concluded certain practices that can be considered the generals of a healthy hair routine.

Some of these practices include:

– Avoid sources of direct heat as much as hair dryer, hot water, and direct exposure to sunlight for long periods.
– Say no to chemicals like dyes, and salon treatments (protein and straightening).
– Do not over wash your hair, it is preferable to wash your hair 2 to 3 times a week.
– Use moisturizing hair masks about twice a week.
– Comb hair while showering or when the hair is wet and make sure to apply conditioner or an oil bath.
– Occasionally deep clean the scalp to avoid dandruff and itching problems.
– Use a wide-toothed comb: this is necessary to disassemble your hair and remove knots, provided that it is used gently to avoid hair breaking.
– Chose a Microfiber towel rather than a normal towel. as microfiber material absorbs water from hair without causing hair breakage.
– Use a diffuser on a low heat/ warm setting for curly hair: It is an easy-to-use tool that distributes warmth evenly without causing hair problems.
– Opt for a Satin or silk pillow: it is gentler on the hair and reduces irritation that occurs from movement while you sleep.
– At (Shi-Curly) we are proud that we do not sell or promote products that harm the health of hair.
Ingredients you Also need to avoid

we also provide expert consultations, educational courses, and workshops that help our customers learn about the characteristics of their hair and scalp.

With our expert guidance, we help them choose products that suit their hair and its characteristics so that they can reach a healthy hair routine. Our research team is constantly working with our partners to develop new hair care systems using natural materials that have proven scientifically and practically successful for hair care according to type.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through the various communication channels to help you reach the hair care routine that best suits you.

Identifying your hair type

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