Choosing the Right Skala Products for Your Hair

Were you ever confused about what Skala product would work best for you?

Choosing the right product that matches your specific hair type and texture can be a big challenge!

So, here’s an article on how to do it correctly

But why Skala, you ask!

Well, Skala is the only company in the world that manufactures hair care products in accordance with texture, porosity, and hair health needs, as well as the hair’s global hair type index. Skala is also an innovative company that has been working since the 80’s with formulators, hair specialists and doctors to come up with these formulations specific to hair textures, indexes and needs

kind of impressive if you think about it!

The global hair type index is explained in our previous article titled “Identifying your Hair Type.” Available on our site.

The mentioned hair type classification ranges from 1a to 4c.

Article Link:
Identifying your hair type

So how does this classification system exactly work?

Skala classifies its products based on your hair type and hair thickness. For example: Is it kinky? Is it curly? Is it wavy? Or is it straight?

They also take into account the thickness of the hair strand. You will notice that the viscosity of the products varies; some come with water-like consistency while others are thicker and feel more like a heavy cream.

Skala products have many benefits and functionalities that’s why they are divided into three main categories:

hydration, nutrition, and restoration

Hydration Products:

Hydration products provide hair with the necessary moisture, help prevent hair dryness, enhance elasticity, retain moisture and lock it while also maintaining hair softness.

Nutrition Products:

Skala’s hair nutrition products provide deep nourishment and essential nutrients to the hair. These products strengthen hair follicles, improve hair strength and elasticity. Skala’s nutrition products contain nourishing vitamins, natural ingredients such as oils, fruit extracts, vegetables extracts, and effective ingredients that nourish damaged hair and improve its quality. Thanks to their nourishing formula, these products contribute to promoting healthy hair growth and achieving beautiful, nourished hair.

Restoration Products:

Skala’s rebuilding products aim to repair and restore damaged and weak hair. They contain special formulations and active ingredients such as plant-based hair proteins that enhance the hair’s structure and rebuild it from the inside. They also strengthen hair bonds, compensate the hair with the proteins lost due to heat treatments and chemical damage.

Classification Based on Hair Porosity:

Skala products are also divided according to hair porosity, as discussed in the “Identifying your Hair Type” article under the topic of porosity. Porosity presents itself as: low, medium, and high.

Porosity can be compared to the scales of a pinecone.

The more damage caused by chemicals, heat, and mechanical interaction to the hair, the more the hair cuticles open, resulting in high porosity.

It is often observed that curly hair that is non-damaged from heat and chemicals, usually presents itself with low or medium porosity while chemically treated hair or bleached hair presents itself with high porosity.

A Comprehensive Healthy Hair Care routine usually includes hydration, nutrition, and restoration products

For example, for hair damaged by heat and chemicals with a classification of 3b, suitable products would be Divino patao for restoration, babosa for hydration, and maionese capillar for nutrition. How often you use them and how to incorporate them in a healthy hair care routine also depends on other factors.

Therefore, we recommend everyone to contact the hair specialists at Shicurly store.

Attached are the three tables based on porosity.




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