An important step for picking the right products is identifying your hair type Learn with Shicurly how to identify your hair type in 5 easy steps! Stage 1 Hair varies among individuals based on several factors such as color, density, texture, and more. Among these factors, the degree to which the hair is classified is [...]
Shi Curly introduces CGM. What is the CGM "curly hair method"? Let us start by explaining what is curly hair! Curly hair is distinguished by its characteristics from other forms of hair, as it is characterized by multiple coils that give it a distinctive look and feel. However, curly hair requires different care methods than [...]
Who is Skala? Skala “beauty for all” a Brazilian Cosmetics brand that's been around since the 1980s but has taken the beauty industry by storm. Skala manufactures and produces a wide range of care products, body and skin care products including moisturizing lotions, gels and sprays, customized skin care products, and also hair products that [...]
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