30 Days to Healthy Hair in Eid

Healthy hair for this Eid: Is it a dream for you?

With Shi Curly Healthy Hair Challenge, a 30-day journey during Ramadan, your hair transformation to a healthy hair dream into a reality on Eid.

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself a lot of questions now.

  • How, in just 30 days, will I be able to reach this goal?
  • Ok, I don’t have products currently, how can I start?
  • I don’t know how to deal with my hair type and its needs!

It’s all on us…
Take the shi Curly Challenge today, and make your dream of perfect hair come true!

Discover the secrets of hair care and make your hair shiny this Eid without thinking about these questions with us.

What are the outcomes of shi curly Challenge?

Healthy and vibrant hair on Eid:

  • Get rid of dry hair, frizz, and other problems that affect your hair look
  • Say goodbye to weak hair strands and get nourished hair rich in nutrients.
  • Avoid tangles and damage and get to manage hair, thus creating a distinctive look.
  • Treat all your hair problems.

You will learn the correct methods of styling and how to know the appropriate styling method for your hair.

Self-confidence for the Eid

With the She Curly Challenge, you will become an expert in your hair care

You will share your experiences and encourage others for the same goal.

Join a positive and supportive community:

  • The She Curly Challenge is not just a routine, but an interactive journey with many girls who strive to have healthy hair.
  • You will share your experiences and receive positive support.

What do you need to start the challenge with us?

1. A strong desire to have healthy hair:

The challenge is 30 days of commitment to hair care, and positive changes require patience.

2. Products from shi Curly:

A wide range of products are available to suit all hair types.

You need products that provide your hair with all its hydration, nourishment, and strengthening needs to treat all your hair problems and achieve the best results.

Skala moisturizing products contain humectants and butters with high moisturizing properties, providing your hair with high hydration and preventing frizz, dryness, and other problems.

Nutritional products contain extracts of nourishing oils and vitamins, giving your hair deep nourishment and providing it with all the necessary and important elements for its health.

Protein products contain protein components that provide your hair with strength and work to rebuild the bonds destroyed by dye, heat, or various types of damage.

The surprise we have prepared for you so that you can get the products and start the challenge with us.

3. follow the tips of Shi curly experts:

You will get daily tips that will help you complete the challenge step by step.

4. Share your experiences with us:

Join the shi Curly community on social media to share your experiences, and benefit from the experiences of others.

5. Enjoy the challenge!

Enjoy learning new tips on how to understand your hair.


Take photos of your hair before and after the challenge to compare results.

Do not hesitate to ask the shi Curly team for help if you face any difficulties.

With the shi Curly Challenge, you will become an expert in taking care of your hair, and you will get healthy hair and a distinctive look on Eid day.

Don’t miss this opportunity, join the shi Curly Challenge today!

Stay tuned for the rest of the details….

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30 days to healthy hair in Eid: your journey to healthy hair in Eid

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